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Holiday Tips for keeping carpets clean

Holiday Tips for keeping carpets clean

Keeping carpets clean during a busy holiday season with traffic coming in and out can be a challenge. Enjoy this infographic with many helpful tips to be sure your holiday season is merry, bright and clean!

1. Keep dirt outside
If you feel comfortable doing so, ask people to remove their shoes before entering your house, or before walking in carpeted areas.

2. Use door mats
Make sure you have a sturdy welcome mat outside your main entryways, and place another inside to capture leftover dirt.

3. Place Strategic Area Rug
An area rug is easier to clean than a carpet, and cheaper to replace. Put area rugs in your more high traffic areas, and you can protect the carpet underneath.

4. Vacuum before parties
If there is existing dirt on the floor, it can get a deeper ground into your carpet by guests walking around, along with the extra outside dirt that they bring in.

5. Vacuum immediately after parties
When the party is done, get the vacuum out as quickly as possible to prevent mold and long term stains.

6. Keep a spot cleaner handy
Spills abound in holiday season! Make sure you are prepared to handle them.

7. And of course …. Deep Clean
Having your carpet professionally cleaned for the winter by ChemDry will prepare them for harsh winter months, and leave your house clean and ready as you start to spend more time inside.

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