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Office Carpet Tile Cleaning

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Carpet is one of the favorite floor covering in most commercial buildings. It’s a big investment that needs to be protected. Our cleaning method uses the natural cleaning power of carbonation to lift dirt and grime to the surface of the carpet where it can be easily remove. Our process uses less water than typical steam cleaning. This means your carpet will Dry in 1-2 hours instead of 1-2 days, you can get back to work soon, and you won’t have the risk of mold and mildew growth that often comes with using an excessive amount of water.

Chem-Dry’s "office carpet cleaning specialist" uses carbonated cleaning solution, The Natural ®, which uses millions of tiny bubbles to penetrate deep into fiber and lift dirt particle into surface so they are easily to remove. Carpets cleaned by us stay Cleaner longer and reducing the risk of mold and mildew to growth, which is creating a Healthier environment for all of you.

Advantages carpets cleaned by us:
• Fast dry times, most carpets will dry within 1-2 hours
• Deliver a deeper and longer lasting clean
• Reducing the risk of mold, bacteria and mildew to grow inside carpet
• Safe for children and pets
• Leaves behind no soapy residue which can accelerate carpet re-soiling
• Your employee can get back to work soon.
• Safe for wool and man-made fabric fiber
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